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Spring Reflections from Vicki Million

Spring is upon us with the beauty of all the colors and the pollen that comes with it. Spring is a time of renewal. Of regrowth. Of rebirth. It is also a time of storms. Our community has faced many severe storms over the last few years. At our house there hasn’t been any severe damage. But I have been blessed with friends who come and check the fences and cut off trees and make sure the cows will be staying on the correct side of the fence. You see, all these years my husband has worked for the utility company and that means he is gone from home when a storm brings damage to our community. So even if there is a little damage around the farm, God has blessed us with men who love the Lord and are willing to give their time and help someone who has a need. Those of us who are believers in the Lord Jesus Christ have a friend who is by our side in the good times and bad. As the old song says, we are never alone. When a storm comes that wipes us off our feet, disrupting life as we know it, He is there. He has promised never to be there, to never leave, never forsake us. We may feel like He left, but He didn’t. And He will strengthen us and supply our needs. He will renew and refresh us. All we have to do is lean on Him.

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